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Shizuo Headcanons: Death

[based, off of kadotakyohei’s very recent oneshots]

  • Shizuo dies and Kadota lights a cigarette every day or so, and lets it burn out in the ash tray to keep the smell in the house. He gets the uniforms pressed and dry cleaned three days after the funeral and hangs them in Shizuo’s half of the closet. He gets a cat and names it “Dochinchin” because he likes the sound of Shizuo’s bad jokes filling the silence that he left behind.
  • Kadota dies and Shizuo keeps the ashes on the kitchen counter for six months straight. Shinra visits frequently and tries to move them, and Shizuo breaks his wrist. Shizuo ends up setting them on the coffee table and talks to them idly for the rest of his life. 'The weather is shit today', 'Oh, Kasuka's old film is on', and throws himself off of a bridge one day and, miraculously, lives. Sometimes Erika sees him at the grocery store and tries to talk, but he dismisses her quickly and lives the rest of his days in a sort of sad solitude.
Shizuo Headcanon #5

Shizuo is a sometimes not-so-fearless hero:

While he generally doesn’t like to watch much of anything aside from Yuhei Harajima’s films, Shizuo absolutely despises horror movies. Slasher flicks piss him off, as he’s the type of person to constantly question why anyone would want to camp at an abandoned lake or creep into a dark basement unarmed, but he’s also actually quite superstitious. Ghost movies don’t exactly terrify him, but ghosts are the only things in the world that he knows he can’t handle with force, and that thought absolutely disturbs him.

Kasuka, however, loves horror movies and the occult, and so Shizuo’s childhood was filled with a lot of sleeping with the lights on.

Shizuo Sex Headcanon Dump

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Shizuo Headcanon #4.5

[I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, about how I’ve been listing all of these and how I actually wrote an entire story back in January about the majority of my Shizuo headcanons, so I thought, ‘What the Hell? Why not just post a link to the story so anyone meaning no one who is curious can read it?' Mandy/love-of-ootoro is going to laugh at me for this shameless self-insert, but if you really are interested, you can read it here. Thanks a lot!]

Shizuo Headcanon #4

Shizuo was quite literally shoved out of the nest:

When he was eighteen years old, Shizuo came home to find all of his things on the lawn. His front door was locked and no one was home. He knew he could have just broken in, brought his stuff back to his room, and pretended that nothing happened, but he also knew that his parents were good people and he didn’t want to give them any unneeded trouble.

So he called Shinra, took only what he needed, and stayed with him for a couple of weeks until he could afford his own apartment.

Every other Christmas or New Years, he may call them to check in, but no one ever answers.

Shizuo Headcanon #3

Shizuo is a hard candy with a surprise center:

He isn’t your perfect boyfriend-type when you first meet him, but when someone proclaims their love for him, Shizuo instantly begins to treat that person just a little tenderly.

He tries very hard to keep people like Kasuka, Celty, and Tom out of the way when he’s angry, even if sometimes it can’t be helped. He’s the type that would do anything within his power to make his lover happy—even if he could only afford a flower or a back-rub after work.

Shizuo Headcanon #2

Shizuo has an idea of his perfect “girl”:

Although he often claims that he would accept any love that was given to him, Shizuo stops from time to time to contemplate what exactly he finds attractive in a partner. He decided that he would like someone who was tall, like himself, with fair skin and soft hair—someone who was brave enough to put up with him and wasn’t afraid to stand up to him when he got too out of control.

Once, he considered that he may have known someone who fit that description perfectly, but for life of him, he couldn’t figure out who.

Shizuo Headcanon #1

Shizuo has a borderline romantic relationship with sweets:

It’s not anything gross or sexual, but from a very young age, he preferred sweets to regular food and the easiest way to bond with him is to share his love for them. Every so often, Kasuka might send him a box of chocolates from some foreign country where he’s filming, and he cherishes each piece and eats them extremely slowly. It might take him a few months to get through just one box.