Thank you so much to everyone who followed this blog.
As of right now, I do not plan to return,
but I definitely won't forget all of the friends I made here,
or the experiences I had that shaped me as an rper.
I'll miss you!

with love,

Bye everyone.

It was nice knowing you!

[ i’m going to put my hiatus on hold for a minute or two to let everyone know that today is kunyo’s birthday! if you will, some birthday wishes would be nice. =3=]

beauteouslyempty said: Send ♥ This ♥ To ♥ The ♥ Fifteen ♥ Nicest ♥ People ♥ On ♥ Tumblr ♥ If ♥ You ♥ Get ♥ 5 ♥ Back ♥ You ♥ Must ♥ Be ♥ Perfect

[ah, thank you bb =3=]

[ hiatus : part 2 ]

[ i thought it might be polite to actually announce my hiatus beforehand this time, as opposed to a month or so after it has started, so here it is. anonymous will be deactivated, and i’ll be checking in once every other day or so to see how things are holding up. if you need to contact me and don’t have my number, i’ll be here or here. ]

[hey there’s character-practice going on over here if you like train wrecks]

roppislittletsukishima said: YOU’RE IT! Rules are: copy this message to other beautiful people/blogs who you think deserve this message! Keep the game going and make everyone feel beautiful <3

[thank you bb =3=]


[okay, my manager wants to go out and have ice cream. so i’ll be back. if you think i have a really weird sort of thing going on with him, yeah, i noticed. it freaks me out too.]

[the very first post i ever made on this blog =3=]

[so i’ve pretty much already sent my homestuck rp blog link to everyone privately so here. it’ll be inactive for another week or so, and i’m still working on finding a sufficient layout and everything, but w/e fuck that i can’t keep secrets. you can also find izayaas/delictible’s dave rp blog here]

[mun is going to a hookah bar for a bit. be back soon =3=]